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Supplier Support - Our relationships with our suppliers are as important to us as our relationships with our customers. Customer, Engineering, Delivery, & Quality Demands > Production Decisions > Procurement > Order Fulfillment > Transport Decisions

Supplier relationships are critical to any organization. Flexial realizes that our suppliers can directly impact the financial performance and profitability of our organization due to their influence on product development costs, inventory levels, manufacturing schedules and the timeliness of delivery of goods and services.

Flexial develops long-term supplier relationships based on more than just cost. While cost is important, value is more than just cost. Quality, delivery, and service, too, are paramount to ensure value, and Flexial monitors its supplier chain in terms of overall value.

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Our certification process begins with your organization completing a short, 10-minute questionnaire designed to help us understand your capabilities and qualifications. We look forward to working with you.

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PDF > Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase blank Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase

PDF > Flexial Corporation Quality Clauses Quality Clauses
(Addendum to Flexial Standard P.O. Terms and Conditions)

PDF > Flexial Corporation Quality Procedure (QP) 158 Quality Procedure (QP) 158
(Process Controle - Threads)

PDF > Flexial Corporation Quality Procedure (QP) 159 Quality Procedure (QP) 159
(Process Controle - General Requirements for Machined Parts)

PDF > Flexial Corporation Quality Procedure (QP) 321 Quality Procedure (QP) 321
(Supplier Inspection Requirements)

PDF > Flexial Corporation Quality Procedure (QP) 322 Quality Procedure (QP) 322
(Supplier Corrective Action Request Procedure)

PDF > Flexial Corporation Vendor Material Review Request (VMRR) (Vendor Material Review Request)

PDF > Flexial Corporation ISO9001:2008 Certification ISO9001:2008 Certification

PDF > Flexial Corporation AS9100:2009 Certification AS9100:2009 Certification

PDF > Flexial Corporation Terms and Conditions of Sale Terms and Conditions of Sales

Flexial Corporation is a member of the BOA Group Flexial Corporation is a member of the BOA Group

Flexial Corporation is a member of the Stutensee, Germany based BOA Group, and is the 2nd largest broad spectrum manufacturer of welded metal bellows and related products in the United States.

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