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How to Run a Company

Flexial buys into certain concepts to which many companies give lip service or at best simply misunderstand: that the ISO9001, AS9100, and other global standards are not simply Quality Management Systems (QMS's), but are in fact the collection of the worlds knowledge on best practices to run a design and manufacturing business.

We get it.

Flexial's systems are all developed under the auspices of the ISO9001 and AS9100 family of standards. And all systems - for all functions - are managed by the Quality Assurance Department. At Flexial, the entire Information technology department reports through Quality Assurance - to ensure that all systems developed are seamlessly integrated and meet or exceed these requirements and those of our customers' standards.


Leveraging Technology

Flexial has adopted the latest web technology to run every aspect of its business. We've adopted the web marketing principle that if the user can't get what he or she is looking for in a few clicks, you need to improve the system. At Flexial, all systems are integrated into a database-driven management system that provides every functional group immediate (and controlled) access to documents, records, and dynamic content that ensure that they not only know how to do their jobs, in many cases the system ensures the job was done right. Poke Yoke is not just for manufacturing processes anymore. And because Flexial has leveraged standard web technology, new employees are instantly and intuitively able to navigate complex systems - because who hasn't been on the WWW?


Information and Control

There's no such thing as an obsolete document at Flexial. Configuration Control is absolute - and all documentation is electronic. Flexial provides unmatched information to all of our team members. Engineering Drawings, Work Instructions, Dynamic Process Flow Diagrams, data collection, Instruction Manuals - even how to make a good cup of coffee - the Flexial QMS provides all the information and business process functions required to systematically plan and execute our operations. The Quality Management System is not a set of rules, but a planned set of processes that provide tremendous control of all operations while being user-friendly and content rich. Our employees know the system - because they like using it - and because the system provides them with value.

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Flexial Corporation is a member of the Hyspan Corporation

Flexial Corporation is a member of the Chula Vista, California based Hyspan group of companies, which produce a complete line of flexible tubular products that meet the needs of diverse industries ranging from scientific research to oil refining.

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