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Flexial is the world’s fastest growing high-aspect-ratio welded bellows, accumulator, and hose company. Our growth is driven from our engineering and manufacturing technologies that enable our unique solutions for the most sophisticated and complex “zero failure” applications in OR out of this world.
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Welded Bellows for various industrial and aerospace applications
Flexial welded metallic bellows have an unusual diversity of characteristics. They are both a mechanical mechanism and a hydraulic or pneumatic device.
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Technology Features
  • Piston and cylinder
  • Spring
  • Diaphragm / Capsule
  • Hermeticity / Impermeability
  • Self-protecting solid height
  • Electrically conductive
  • Extreme temperature capability
  • High corrosion durability
  • Aneroid
  • Vibration isolator
  • Energy absorber grey arrow

These are some of the examples of the broad spectrum of products and applications for which Flexial Corporation has the experience, product and market knowledge, systems and controls to design and manufacture - in virtually every market and every product-type extant today.

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Flexial Corporation is a member of the BOA Group Flexial Corporation is a member of the BOA Group

Flexial Corporation is a member of the Stutensee, Germany based BOA Group, and is the 2nd largest broad spectrum manufacturer of welded metal bellows and related products in the United States.

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