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Flexial Corporation Market Presence
Flexial is the world’s fastest growing high-aspect-ratio welded bellows, accumulator, and hose company. Our growth is driven from our engineering and manufacturing technologies that enable our unique solutions for the most sophisticated and complex “zero failure” applications in OR out of this world.

F-35 JSF Lightning utilizing EHA reservoir blank Flexial is the most sought-after supplier of bellows-related products in the military and commercial aerospace markets. The ultimate company for design sophistication, program management, and quality assurance means we deliver. grey arrow
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Deep ocean military submarine (which utilizes Flexial bellows-based depth gauge technology) monitoring small UUV (unmanned underwater vehicles). blank From optical imaging thermal compensators to depth sensing for the U.S. Nuclear Sub fleet, to the F35 and F22 Fighters, to some of the highest-precision parts ever used in weapons applications, Flexial's breadth in national defense excels. grey arrow
Oil platform in the deep ocean with Flexial logo on helipad. blank From zero-emissions seals designed to keep our global environment healthy, to deep well environments so harsh that little can survive, Flexial's products are working for the oil, gas, chemical, and energy markets. grey arrow
Lightning striking an electrical grid running along the slope of a mountain. blank SF6 Gas Seals, Sudden Pressure Relays, pressure switches, and other products from cryogenics to high-temperature applications have made Flexial the choice of many of the leaders in the Electrical Transmission and Distribution Marketplace. grey arrow
Human heart pump utilizing bellows technology / scientist observing ISS from observation deck. blank Flexial has developed some of the most sophisticated and advanced bellows devices in the world, from small medical implants to large seals for giant particle accelerators, Flexial has the design science to meet the needs of the most unique applications. grey arrow
Boiler room blank From Accumulators to Zero-emissions seals, Flexial's products are used in industrial applications all over the world. Any size, any temperature, any chemical, any pressure - Flexial has a solution to the needs of industry. grey arrow

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Flexial Corporation is a member of the Hyspan Corporation

Flexial Corporation is a member of the Chula Vista, California based Hyspan group of companies, which produce a complete line of flexible tubular products that meet the needs of diverse industries ranging from scientific research to oil refining.

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