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Flexial Corporation Operations and Capabilities

Systematic planning is everything. And for manufactured products, planning doesn't just end when the design is completed - it's carried all through the manufacturing process and into delivery.

Information Technology

Grab a mouse and go to work. That's how all Flexial Corporation employees start the day. From engineering design to running a hydraulic press - if you need information, you won't find it in a three ring binder or in a drawing file. Flexial is a digital company with information at every employee's fingertips. Data-driven decision-making gets easy when the data is only a click away. Work instructions, engineering specifications, load leveling, process data, inspection records, scheduling, MSDS's, forms, employee handbook: Flexial's information system provides instant access to it all.


The forming department is one of the many areas in which lean practices have been leveraged to reduce costly setups through the introduction of CNC controls. Flexial's latest addition to the forming department includes 5 stamping presses. Programs are stored in control systems according to part number and revision level. This allows operators to recall and verify a setup in a few clicks, keeping setup time at a minimum and reducing costs to our customers.


Flexial is committed to being a good citizen. Part of this commitment means doing what it takes to preserve our environment. With this in mind, we don't use solvent based cleaning - a common source of environmental pollution. Flexial uses CFC-Free aqueous ultrasonic cleaning systems to remove machining and forming fluids from bellows components, assuring proper cleanliness levels. Even the machining and forming fluids have been chosen not only for their performance characteristics but also for their compatibility with our environment.

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Producing precision machined parts without a print is easier that it sounds. Flexial's machinists link directly to engineering CAD files via the Flexial intranet, ensuring the latest revision levels are used and eliminating drawing translation errors. The CAD files are loaded into translation software, which produces the machine language. Downloaded to CNC turning and machining centers, these files ensure we produce parts right the first and every time. When needed, completed parts are DCC CMM scanned, with data forwarded electronically back to Engineering to close the loop. A true paperless environment.

Welding and Assembly

Tool design, proper equipment and appropriate methods are key to producing mile after mile of defect free welds. Whether it's a commodity type bellows assembly or a one of a kind aerospace bellows assembly, Flexial has the process defined and controlled to ensure your products perform as designed. Automated GTAW welding, laser welding, furnace brazing or micro brazing, vacuum heat treatments and resistance welds - Flexial has the capabilities to produce the parts you need.


Flexial's test facilities are fully equipped to ensure a precision product - from mechanical life cycle testing to helium mass-spectrometry, micro-hardness testing to thermal stroke analysis, to Direct Computer Control (DCC) CMM metrology. Flexial is fully equipped to verify and validate that the resulting output meets or exceeds all input requirements.

Flexial Corporation is a member of the Hyspan Corporation

Flexial Corporation is a member of the Chula Vista, California based Hyspan group of companies, which produce a complete line of flexible tubular products that meet the needs of diverse industries ranging from scientific research to oil refining.

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