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Flexial Corporation
built its business on customer satisfaction. We believe our task is to find our customers' needs and fulfill them better than our competition.

Your input is greatly appreciated and helps us to fulfill that commitment.

Satisfaction goes beyond quality, delivery, and price; a true focus on customer satisfaction requires a multi-dimensional approach that at Flexial includes customer satisfaction measurements, customer and employee feedback, internal motivation, training and ongoing reinforcement. Everyone at Flexial knows that each of them contributes to Customer Satisfaction.

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Mission and Vision: We will do this: Further our customers’ interests with products and service of uncompromising quality, remaining accessible, professional, pro-active and resolute in word and action; living the Golden Rule. Further our own interests by remaining profitable, assisting and challenging our co-workers, supporting our vendors, expanding our capabilities, and remaining considerate of our local and global community. Further our technology through invention, innovation and development of unique, practical and beneficial new products and processes. We will be this: Recognized by customer and peer as an authority and leading supplier of premier welded bellows products and related technology.
blank blank blank If there was a Gold Standard for Quality Management Systems, this would be it. Flexial's systems are the strongest I have ever seen. -Underwriter's Laboratory IAQG Certified Registration Auditor
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Flexial is committed to compliance with customer, regulatory and AS9100 requirements, and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management Systems by establishing and reviewing Quality Objectives.

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Flexial recently contacted 100% of its customer base, including contacts from every functional area - Buyers \ Procurement, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Program Management, etc..., utilizing an independent third-party organization, to proactively seek information about customer satisfaction. We received exceptionally strong customer satisfaction feedback in all areas. We feel that the results reflect our strong position in the metal bellows market. Summary information is shown below, but we will share the unedited details of all of the customer feedback with any customer.
1 = Excellent 2 = Above Average 3 = Average 4 = Below Average 5 = Poor
Customer Service Average
Q1 My phone calls to Flexial are quickly transferred to the person who can best answer my question. 1.70
Q2 When I leave a phone message with Flexial, the call is returned within a satisfactory period. 1.81
Q3 When I send an e-mail to Flexial, a reply is received within a satisfactory time period. 1.97
Q4 My Flexial service contact person is quickly able to understand or identify my problem. 1.58
Q5 My Flexial service contact person is knowledgeable / competent with regard to my problems or needs. 1.63
Q6 My Flexial service contact person is courteous and professional. 1.47
Q7 The quotes I request from Flexial are returned in a timely manner. 2.03
Q8 The quotes I receive from Flexial contain all the necessary or requested information. 1.87
Q9 Flexials manufacturing lead times are reasonable and acceptable. 1.91
Q10 With Flexial, my orders are processed in a timely fashion. 1.78
Q11 With Flexial, I am able to quickly receive an accurate status update on my order. 1.79
Q12 With Flexial, my orders are delivered when promised. 1.97
Q13 With Flexial, any post-sale problems I have are handled quickly and conclusively. 1.93
Product Quality Average
Q14 The DURABILITY/ RELIABILITY of Flexials products? 1.47
Q15 The FEATURES/ ENGINEERING CAPABILITIES available with Flexials products? 1.47
Q16 The COST of Flexials products? 2.37
Q17 The DESIGN ACCURACY of Flexials products? 1.50
Q18 The CLARITY of DOCUMENTATION accompanying Flexials products? 1.66
Q19 The Comprehensiveness of Documentation accompanying Flexials products? 1.69
Image Average
Q20 INNOVATIVE--continuously introduces new products and/or services; provides innovative solutions to existing problems 1.96
Q21 QUALITY-DRIVEN--continuously strives to improve products and processes to deliver greater customer value 1.81
Q22 EFFICIENT--meets deadlines and adheres to promised schedules; is well-managed and continuously seeks to improve its productivity 2.25
Q23 TRUSTWORTHY--is honest in dealings with customers and other constituents; keeps promises and can be depended on to do what it says it will do 1.88
Q24 CUSTOMER-ORIENTED--listens to the customer; is driven by the desire to help the customer; is interested in building solid relationships with customers 1.90
Q25 TECHNICALLY COMPETENT--is highly skilled in product manufacturing; exhibits a high level of expertise in the product field in which it is engaged 1.79

Flexial Corporation is a member of the Hyspan Corporation

Flexial Corporation is a member of the Chula Vista, California based Hyspan group of companies, which produce a complete line of flexible tubular products that meet the needs of diverse industries ranging from scientific research to oil refining.

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