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Flexial Corporation Market Presence

F-35 JSF Lightning utilizing EHA reservoir
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Flexial Corporation has made aircraft, space, and military applications a principal focus, and designs, manufactures, and supports a wide array of aerospace applications flying today. With an extensive and class-leading analytical product and program design approach, Flexial Corporation is in production on some of the most demanding and prestigious programs in existence today.


Flexial is focused on innovative products, providing the lightest, highest-performing, and lowest total cost products on the market today, including metal bellows:

  • Accumulators
  • Reservoirs
  • Surge Arresters
  • Volume Compensators
  • Temperature Sensors
    and Actuators
  • Altitude Sensors
    and Actuators
  • Seals
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  • Airbus A320 - Cabin Pressure Sensors & Actuators
  • Airbus A330 - Cabin Pressure Sensors & Actuators
  • Airbus A340 - Cabin Pressure Sensors & Actuators
  • Airbus A350 - Primary Hydraulic System High Pressure Accumulators
  • Airbus A380 - Supplemental Cooling System Accumulators and Cabin Pressure Sensors & Actuators
  • Boeing 737 - MMA Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft Accumulator
  • Bell ARH - Optics Cooling System Accumulator
  • Bombardier C-Series - Accumulators for Primary Hydraulic System and Flight Control Actuation Systems
  • Embraer Phenom 100 - Braking System Accumulator, energy storage
  • Embraer Phenom 300 - Primary Hydraulic System, Accumulators
  • Boeing ICBM - Volume Compensators
  • F-15 Eagle - Altitude Sensor and Actuator
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon - Altitude Sensor and Actuator
  • F-22 Raptor Avionics Cooling System Accumulator
  • F-35 JSF Lightning II EHA Reservoirs
  • Global Hawk - Electronics Cooling Accumulator
  • Fire Scout - Imaging System Cooling Accumulator; Electronics Cooling Accumulator
  • Numerous applications for the RC-135 Rivet Joint, HAIPER, ASTIMIDS, Stinger \ Avenger, and CAEW, E2D Hawkeye
  • ISS - International Space Station - Waste Water, Potable Water Storage and Delivery System Accumulators
  • Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle - First Stage Roll Control Surge Arrester; J2X Turbopump Liftoff Seal
  • Mars Rover - Thermal Isolator (Pyrolysis Bellows); Feed-thru Bellows; Accumulators; Thermal Actuators
  • Orion ECLSS - Environmental Control and Life Support System Accumulators
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Flexial Corporation is a member of the Hyspan Corporation

Flexial Corporation is a member of the Chula Vista, California based Hyspan group of companies, which produce a complete line of flexible tubular products that meet the needs of diverse industries ranging from scientific research to oil refining.

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